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If you're researching criminal defense attorneys, chances are you've been through enough already: inconvenience, humiliation, an arrest, a night in jail, poor treatment by police, lost money for bail, and an arrest record that will forever subject you to the suspicion of future police officers, not to mention the stress of facing a possible conviction for a crime you might or might not be guilty of.  We know this is punishment enough - if you were even guilty to begin with!  Don't plead guilty and add more jail time, huge fines, months of mandatory alcohol classes, and years of probation without talking to our experienced DUI defense attorneys first.



"Laws are like cobwebs, which may catch small flies, but let wasps and hornets break through."

-Jonathan Swift

Ricketts & Yang believes in fairness and consistency.  Don't take the first offer when other defendants with the same or worse facts have gotten charges reduced or dismissed, and don't plead guilty where the case will fall apart at trial.  Let us help you avoid getting entangled in the justice system.

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Ricketts & Yang


Ricketts & Yang is a partnership of former prosecutors with an extensive network of past and present colleagues engaged in both the prosecution and defense of DUIs.  We know that prosecutors and public defenders are overworked, and don't have the time to review every detail of every case that crosses their desk.  Our knowledgeable DUI defense attorneys can find important flaws in the arrest report, learn of problems with critical witnesses, and investigate whether the officer's equipment was working properly - all of which mean reduced charges for our clients.

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